Unpack your Presence, Professionalism, and Power! Why downplay your excellence and impact leaving opportunities to pass you by while continuing to live a life unfulfilled? There’s more inside of you waiting to be discovered and our programs are strategically designed to help you get there! It’s time to show the world just how hypnotic your personal brand story is and how your influence can help clients and career partners captivate their own audiences.

Shannon S

I was in need of one-on-one coaching and working with Dr. Chris left me feeling more confident in understanding my uniqueness. It stretched my thinking, I improved communicating and executing my brand, and I have better knowledge of how to organize, structure, and monetize more avenues for my business.

Lashley R

I give a 5-star rating! When I saw the extensive presentation at the wine & learn location, I knew had to do business with you. You took me to a limit that brought out the best in me and really provoked my thought process and I thank you for it! I highly recommend anyone looking… Read more “Lashley R”

Ariel G

Sharp, stylish, knowledgeable, and talented are a few words I would use to describe Dr. Chris-Michelle. Her presentations are always fresh and full of value. I had the good fortune of watching her deliver her A-game every single time. If you’re a meeting planner looking for a unique presenter on topics such as branding, image,… Read more “Ariel G”

Crystal O

I had a great time listening to the wise words of my mentor and business coach Dr. Chris Michelle. I will be immediately implementing some of today’s lessons learned and noted.

Credric T

I can’t wait to have Dr. Jones take me under her wings as I develop my brand further! A great seminar!