Leadership Life & Style Executive (LLSE) Consulting serves individual, corporate and entrepreneurial clients.  The primary focus of LLSE Consulting is to coach and train individuals and business leaders on how to augment their personal and professional lives with proven strategies that will improve their confidence, incomes, and bottom line results, amid competitive economic trends.

LLSE Consulting offers one on one programs and group trainings that cater to the specific needs of each client. We deal with shaping thinking patterns that ultimately result in full execution that will build in demand skills, techniques, and strategies needed for successful leadership, relationships, and businesses.

These include pre/post assessments, private one-on-one mentorship sessions, corporate leadership development packages, and various intensive and accelerated programs for implementation of techniques and strategies that generate faster promotions, higher salaries, and more valuable incentive packages.


Our Subject Matter Experts will bring you direct knowledge and training that you will be able to apply immediately. Our 1 day intensives are designed to bring training that is compacted information from longer programs, this will save you time and money.

Our outcome based programs include theory and proven practices of successful leaders globally. the programs we provide requre action  and committment from clients to create the best outcomes with short turnaround.

Dr. Chris Michelle, founder of LLSE has over 25 years of knowledge, talent, educational development and results that makes her programs unique, interesting, and sought after.


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  1. Piper Lowe says:

    Great! This is a wonderful concept and career move. You have the perfect personality, experience and ability to deliver information to help others.
    Good luck in your endeavors.


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