The Life & Style Executive (LSE) Business Consulting provides programs that clients (domestic and international) can infuse into their lives immediately, saving time and money, in comparison to some other programs. Our firm serves the individual, corporate and entrepreneurial client through:

  • Education
  • Coaching
  • Training
  • Assessments
  • Theory and Research
  • Leadership Intelligence
  • Image management
  • Customized Workshops
  • Personal/Professional Branding
  • 1-Day Intensives

Business leaders who want to augment their personal and professional lives with foundational, advanced principles and proven strategies that elevate confidence, credibility, incomes, and bottom line results, are ideal clients, especially in times of competitive economic and employment trends.

Coaching one-on-one, group, seminar, and workshop methodologies are the approaches employed to cater to the specific needs of each client. Our first priority is to address mindfulness and mindset transformation to advance thought expansion. From there we focus on clients’ full-execution of Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities(KSAs) that build on in-demand skills, techniques, and strategies, all of which are needed for healthy and successful life-leadership, relationships, and businesses.


CMJ70With commitment from our global client base, our action-outcome based programs deliver the best outcomes in accelerated time frames.

Dr. Chris Michelle, Founder & Principle of LSE has over 25 years of knowledge, experience, talent, educational development and results that make her programs unique, interesting, and sought after.


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    Great! This is a wonderful concept and career move. You have the perfect personality, experience and ability to deliver information to help others.
    Good luck in your endeavors.


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