Tips on Getting Media Coverage and Controlling What Reporters Print

Many of us want more exposure and coverage for our businesses and expansion of our voices. Reaching out to media outlets with a well crafted press release or a succint, perfectly edited, but interesting article, are great avenues to draw attention to the wonderful products and unique services that you offer and to get a reoccurring role as an industry expert.

So, once you get the call and invited for an interview, or the editor agrees to print your story or press submission, how can you navigate this experience so that you get the most out of the opportunity?

We have all heard claims from others that certain sound bites were cut or that a large portion of amass-media-picn interview was edited out of the final submission. Well here is a short list of actions that you can take to gain more control of the potential outcome.

  • To reduce time and ensure clarity on your ideas, write a missive on important points that you want your interviewer to know in advance. Try to make the information so enticing so that editing is minimized.
  • Repeat your points but do so in a way that isn’t exactly like the first mention of them. People listen differently, often for certain buzz words that they find interesting, so to not seem robotic, practice a variety of ways to tell your story.
  • Be sure to ask the interviewer to verify your responses or quotes because in an effort to write efficiently some of the meaning can be lost or misinterpreted.
  • Ask to have your contact information included in the article and supply an exact layout of how you want it displayed, in case readers want to contact you for hire or consultation.
  • Always ask when the article is going to print and where exactly the article will be printed and in which publication.
  • If you think of something that you would like to add later, ask permission to call the reporter or interviewer and offer additional information.

As previously mentioned, these are basic steps to take before, during, and after an interview.  For more information on how to leverage your expertise and to grow your brand through media exposure, send a message to or use the contact form on this website and an advisor will get back with you, very soon.

POP: Fashion and Communication in Tandem

What does your appearance say when you show up for a meeting, interview, work, special event or otherwise? Are you in sync with the intentions of the event that you are attending? Does your look communicate credibility? Does your internal self and style match? Are you a fashion victim? Fashion, like conversation, evolve over time and thus, impacts many aspects of our lives. It is tied to interior design, neighborhoods and businesses in which we live and function. Lifestyle!

Fashion also reflects social consensus in which the norm is set by trendiest, then the rest of society follows. Consensus is widely reflected through the repetition and acceptance of people who spread trends.  To remotely achieve consensus, we must have communication in the form of print, visual, verbal and nonverbal.

As these aspects change in fashion so do phases in life and personal growth. Through these cycles of change, different communication styles evolve over time in the areas of content, context, tonality, intent, etc.

As there are many phases to the evolutions of fashion from ideation, design, production, distribution, sale, consumption, and ultimately disposal, there are many instances where communication plays a role, communication is the connecting force for every discipline and all relationships in life.

Today nonverbal communication comes in the form electronic devices used or worn to connect us with virtual sources and with each other. (e.g., cell phones, Bluetooth headsets, and other wearable technology). Other manners in which content on style is communicated to the public are:

  • advertising, social media editorials
  • use of social media to communicate between consumers and to retailers
  • consumers blog about fashion trends and offer opinions
  • consumer reviews of fashion items and events

dsquared2-mens-spring-summer-at-milan-mens-fashion-week1Essentially, the Point of Ponderance here is that fashion and style are not necessarily one in the same, it spans wide areas and so does communication. Your appearance is your calling card and it provides the first line of communication to those who see YOU.


That said, are you communicating the right style for your lifestyle, position, and aspirations or are you simply following trends that might not be suited for you and every occasion?

If you are unsure about any of these questions, then do not leave your brand and image to chance, contact a professional to help you assess your personal style.

Dr. Chris Michelle is a sought after Success Coach who mentors professionals in their careers and personal lives, in areas of Leadership, Project, Image, Brand, Impression, Management, Lifestyle, and Change Management. She does private and corporate training seminars, keynote addresses, event hosting. For information on how to book her for an upcoming training or speaking engagement contact her at


The first 60 Seconds: Errors and Omissions

Consider this:

You have a date or maybe you are attending a company networking event: Then again you could have a dinner meeting with a new client whom you wish to do business, how do you start the meeting?

An introduction seems like a reasonable response but I am curious to know if you have a preparation process that includes an “errors and omissions” checklist, as a part of your larger Impression Management Plan.

Before you enter that room, make your introduction to, approach anyone with a conversation or attempt an elevator statement, it is imperative that you remember to perform a 60 second “sweep” to certify that your outward appearance reflects who you are inside and your intent for that gathering.

Whenever you walk into a room, your physical presence is center stage. That professional signature is noticeable immediately and when it is appealing it can afford instant access into desired opportunities.

On the contrary, if any aspect is out of order, you could be denied entry into circles of influence that can flat line your chances or fuel a negative headline story about you. In a matter of seconds some people will determine whether you appear confident, hygienic, well groomed, credible or worth their time and attention.

Remember, no serious business person ever attends a meeting unprepared. Inner and outward preparation is a must, hence, before greeting anyone in a public forum please consider the following steps, they could save you unforeseen embarrassment.

  1. As in the night before, prepare prior to the meeting what you will wear.
  2. Collect materials before leaving your home, i.e., business cards, promotional collateral to take with you.
  3. Ensure that your clothing fits you appropriately, not too big, nor too small.
  4. The day before your meeting, assure that you have a fresh hair cut or women, decide on a neat and flattering hair style in advance.
  5. On the day of the meeting do a once over of yourself from top to bottom in the nearest restroom:
  • Confirm that your hair is neat and free of dandruff
  • Investigate your nose for remnants of allergies/colds or distracting nostril hair
  • Observe your smile for food particles or lipstick stains
  • Ladies freshen up your lipstick especially after you eat, reapply frequently or remove it if you are unable to apply a fresh coat
  • Look out for unbuttons on the shirts or cuffs
  • Scrutinize for open zippers or unbuttoned trousers
  • Inspect nails for dirt or smells of food from breakfast or lunch
  • Screen clothing for stains or food droppings

I think that you get my point, a quick 60 second preliminary check in the nearest restroom, is a small step to make towards strengthening your impression in business and in your personal life.


Dr. Chris Michelle is a sought after Success Coach who mentors professionals in their careers and personal lives, in areas of Leadership, Project, Image, Brand, Impression, Management, Lifestyle, and Change Management. She does private and corporate training seminars, keynote addresses, event hosting. For information on how to book her for an upcoming training or speaking engagement contact her at




Style: More Than a Fashion Statement

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Once you have decided what being your authentic self means to you and you have worked on the mind body and spirit that fits that mold, recognize that outer appearance as well as communication habits must match those values, i.e., wanting to gain the respect of investors or potential clients begs the necessity to look as if you want that business. Just as wanting to win over a new love interest must also depict synchronous harmony between ones appearance, behavior, communication and the occasion.

Notwithstanding one’s socio-economic status, not caring about neatness, hygiene, etc., will turn others away even when one has several commas in their pay grade. People “buy into” people and want to see those whom they trust or those presenting integrity, especially during an initial impression and must at least look as they fit that bill. Example, showing up to a baseball game in a full business suit and tie doesn’t lend credibility on a baseball field or in the dugout, just as claiming to be a model but your smile is brown from smoking doesn’t exactly lend credibility, as well as using poor grammar but professing to be a stellar author doesn’t go over well..

It’s not my intention to astound my followers with this next statement, but your image does not simply thrive off of your clothing design, form, or characteristics. Your communication approach, your behavior, listening and you’re thinking process are major factors in this game. If you are a person who looks the part, but the behavior you exemplify is belittling, judgmental, gossipy, or negative or you cut others off mid-sentence without a reasonable purpose, thus you impact your image and your personal brand.


For a consultation on existing style and strengthening tactics: Dr. Chris Michelle can be reach at and Dr-Chris Michelle on Facebook.