POP: Fashion and Communication in Tandem

What does your appearance say when you show up for a meeting, interview, work, special event or otherwise? Are you in sync with the intentions of the event that you are attending? Does your look communicate credibility? Does your internal self and style match? Are you a fashion victim? Fashion, like conversation, evolve over time and thus, impacts many aspects of our lives. It is tied to interior design, neighborhoods and businesses in which we live and function. Lifestyle!

Fashion also reflects social consensus in which the norm is set by trendiest, then the rest of society follows. Consensus is widely reflected through the repetition and acceptance of people who spread trends.  To remotely achieve consensus, we must have communication in the form of print, visual, verbal and nonverbal.

As these aspects change in fashion so do phases in life and personal growth. Through these cycles of change, different communication styles evolve over time in the areas of content, context, tonality, intent, etc.

As there are many phases to the evolutions of fashion from ideation, design, production, distribution, sale, consumption, and ultimately disposal, there are many instances where communication plays a role, communication is the connecting force for every discipline and all relationships in life.

Today nonverbal communication comes in the form electronic devices used or worn to connect us with virtual sources and with each other. (e.g., cell phones, Bluetooth headsets, and other wearable technology). Other manners in which content on style is communicated to the public are:

  • advertising, social media editorials
  • use of social media to communicate between consumers and to retailers
  • consumers blog about fashion trends and offer opinions
  • consumer reviews of fashion items and events

dsquared2-mens-spring-summer-at-milan-mens-fashion-week1Essentially, the Point of Ponderance here is that fashion and style are not necessarily one in the same, it spans wide areas and so does communication. Your appearance is your calling card and it provides the first line of communication to those who see YOU.


That said, are you communicating the right style for your lifestyle, position, and aspirations or are you simply following trends that might not be suited for you and every occasion?

If you are unsure about any of these questions, then do not leave your brand and image to chance, contact a professional to help you assess your personal style.

Dr. Chris Michelle is a sought after Success Coach who mentors professionals in their careers and personal lives, in areas of Leadership, Project, Image, Brand, Impression, Management, Lifestyle, and Change Management. She does private and corporate training seminars, keynote addresses, event hosting. For information on how to book her for an upcoming training or speaking engagement contact her at Thelifeandstyleexecutive@gmail.com


Internal vs External Wealth

Why isn’t the grass greener?CMJ127

More often than not we tend to believe that if we can change certain circumstances in our lives we will be happier. Ironically, most of what we want more of is material or external to our own personal internal well-being.

We often suggest that a new home, car, love interest, or more money will make us rejoice in prosperity and thus, lead to an all fulfilling life of merriment. Or that moving to a new city or state might give hope of an exceptional life and exceed ultimate levels of unspeakable optimism.

Question, if this is true, why does one backslide to disgruntlement once the intoxication of acquiring cursory amusement wears off?

My response to this question is “external happiness is temporary” and it’s perishable. This phenomenon might feel amazing for a while, I.e., moving into a dream home, or increasing one’s earnings but eventually the infatuation grows old, and the shine wears off as anything else. Once again, we are off looking for the next sensational external force to elevate our current status. This repetitive cycle continues until previous paradigms shift in an upward optimistic direction.

It’s not until we realize that conquering feats aren’t always designed to quench the desire for ultimate happiness, it may improve the underlying discontentment as an ephemeral euphoria.

Sustained happiness begins and ends from within. It is a frame of mind, a chosen perspective on life.

Things that we do to excuse ourselves from living a great life like blaming our upbringing or a past relationship, all hold us back from our potential. Instead we live our lives unnoticed, quietly, and often misguided instead of enjoying the things that truly matter in life. We spend a lot of time stressing over what we think we do not have instead of what we truly have already packaged up inside. Free it and let it out.

Practice seeing your life through a different lens. The mind can expand and be renewed through exploring new ideas and then meditating on them, Meditation is a great way to clear the slate, and process your minds existing thought process, one can then detect ways to add a new outlook to the brain and bring on a renewing (more on meditation later).

When you learn new things it creates opportunities for you to transform internally and eventually dissolves the negative thinking process and creates opportunities for new positive thinking.

Sometimes you have to “Just Do it”.

According to Dr. Gail Lewis

Action is a daunting idea when it comes to stepping out of your comfort zone, engaging your passion, vision, and destiny.  We allow fear to paralyze us and keep us from moving, and justify it by saying “I’m just going to wait on the [right moment, Divine Providence, Lord, the Universe, perfect plan…]”.  The problem is that we do nothing in the meantime and we have just given up our ownership of the process!

Jane loved what she did.  She was able to be as free and creative as she wanted to be, and people paid her for it!  Jane had a nagging, unfinished dream though.  She always knew she wanted to help people be their best self and had majored in psychology as an undergrad in college until she dropped out to marry and start a family. She would always tell her friends that she planned to go back and get her degree in counseling so that she could create a holistic approach to her work, but hadn’t done it yet.  When asked why by her friends, she always said she was either waiting on the right time, the right program, or whatever.  After 10 years of waiting for the right moment, reason, etc., Jane realized an important thing – sometimes you have to just do it!  Now Jane has an MSW and provides holistic counseling and coaching services to new and transitioning executives!

So how can you get past waiting and just do it like Jane?  Here are three things you can do right now to shift your mindset from thinking to doing.

Be secure in who you are and confident in what in what you are trying to do.  As people see you starting to take action, they will have opinions…and if you are not strong enough in who you are and confident in your dream, you will let a blind person talk you out of sight.

Get past your fear.  Fear can come in many forms – fear of failure, fear of something new, fear of the unknown, fear of success, the list goes on. If you are serious about chasing your dreams, your faith has to be stronger than your fear. You have to have faith that you are doing the right thing, the struggle is temporary, and that things are going to come together as long as you don’t give up.  This can be especially hard when nothing seems to be going right, no matter how hard you try, but you have to remember your “why” – your reason for what you are doing and what it will look like when you have achieved it.  Have your moment, but don’t let it turn into a pity party.   Make your frustration your motivation to keep going.

Perfection is nothing compared to completion. Let go of the perfectionist mindset. Every great invention, creation, and action was begun before all the kinks were worked out!  Get started and fix it along the way, make it right as you learn from experience. Elon Musk didn’t have Tesla or Space X perfect before he launched either.  He had an idea, driven by passion, and let his failures become the fuel for his success.  Done beats perfect any day.

Faith and belief are powerful things, but they are meaningless without action! The minute you commit to doing it, is the very moment that it will become committed to you.  Success loves purpose and purpose loves intent.  Be intentional, move with purpose and work towards your success.

action5“Sometimes You Have to Just Do It” originally appears on Dr. G’s Spot (drgaillewis.me).  

Contributing writer Dr. Gail Lewis is a certified professional coach and has 20+ years of experience in leadership, management, coaching, and mentoring, helping others unlock their personal success zone by connecting their vision and purpose to action.  Follow her on social media @drgaillewis for more AIM(tm) – affirmation, inspiration, and motivation.