Dr. Chris is a very engaging speaker, she will have you at the edge of your seat with excitement on her various topics around Personal Brand, Leadership Quotient, and more.

If you want an intriguing and dynamic keynote speaker, she will not disappoint you. She will leave you wanting more.

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Customize Speaking Services

Although we have signature seminars, speeches, and training, we will tailor our talks around the needs of the company, employees, and group needs. We offer our services in lunch and learn format, keynote addresses, guest speaker ships, and presentations for social groups and professional clubs. Our time together will be fun and interactive!

We’re available for half day, whole day, and multiple day workshops below is a short list of 4-hour (half day) events currently offered. Don’t quite see a training for you, we can customize our topics easily to suit your needs.

Living Life In Color


A 4-hour group work shop where participants learn the psychology and symbolism of color. Learning how to use color to create unique and impactful color combinations will boost your unique and authentic brand. This will also help participants re-engineer their style with existing resources that gain them the envy of others. This will include a workbook.

Style Architecture

Man and Woman Professional pexels-photo-937482

A 4-hour group workshop explores how to assess the body type, offers tips and ideas on creating visual balance, vertical and horizontal proportion. Wouldn’t it be great to construct the style that creates the power you have within? One that matches your inner genius? Understanding how to dress your future and ignite your power will transform your life in ways unimaginable. This first level workshop will help you survey and establish a foundation blue print This is a seminar type-workshop event that will include a workbook.

The Magnanimous Man

This 4-hour class will enlighten attendees on how to incorporate yin and yang style into their wardrobe. Because your appearance communicates powerful and authoritative messages, your style stamina requires the complementing fit and invigorating colors, that magnetizes your audience.

Visual confidence opens doors, commands attention, and rejuvenate a lackluster personal or social life.

Being a Magnanimous Man requires more than exchanging pleasantries, it’s more than a look. it’s a lifestyle.

Power Com: Influencing The Masses


There’s power in strong communication skills. Company leaders want to hire other leaders with strong communication and leadership skills. Public speaking is a great way to advance your career, because it signifies confidence. Learning and using foundations of public speaking and storytelling techniques you will learn to be persuasive and interesting.

Close more deals with this power speaking program. Learn to sell from stage using 15 techniques that draw your audience to help close more deals. This is a public speaking class that will help put your worries at ease. We show how to be interesting and compelling to get the crowd to binge and become disciples.