VIP Starter

Are you eager to begin expressing confidence that others can’t deny? This program will allow you to increase your influence as your personal and authentic style begins to surface. Preparing for larger projects, important interviews, or give the high stakes sales or career presentation shouldn’t be left to chance and a few video tutorials. Getting in front of a certified image strategist will allow you to bring forth and show your impact with ease. This three-month transformation process will cover professional & digital presence, wardrobe dynamics, etiquette, mannerisms, communication skills, tools and the support you will need to set you on the right path.

VIP Premium

In today’s competitive environment, being a power brand is nothing to take lightly. This program is the designed for the savvy professional or business owner with client facing roles or high potential rising leader who knows to step up every aspect of their personal and professional brand to establish themselves as a Subject Matter Expert that can handle obstacles, create solutions and solve problems. This is a 6-month program customized to help our client display confidence verbally and non-verbally.

VIP Deluxe

So, you are already functioning in a role that no longer meets your needs or desires as a professional, essentially, you’ve grown weary of your career in its present state, and you’re ready to accelerate to the next “Big Thing”. Or maybe you are an entrepreneur feeling the same way about your business and want to play in a larger arena. You want to upgrade everything to include your career, lifestyle, and your current client base. Well this package is for the person wanting to maximize their opportunities, elevate their potential, but needs the assistance of an experienced professional that can produce quality results needed to handle any situation or personality. This twelve-month program is designed to provide support and accountability over a longer period to ensure sustainability.


• Color Analysis
• Wardrobe Analysis/Edits
• Body Analysis
• Balance and Proportion
• Virtual Closet Access
• 1-capsule creation
• 1 seasonal shopping (live or virtual)
• Shopping Tips


•Color analysis
• Wardrobe
• Body analysis
• Balance and proportion
• Virtual closet
• Business etiquette
• 2 seasonal shopping (live or virtual)
• 1-Capsule creation
• Style & Shopping Tips
• photoshoot


• Color analysis
• Wardrobe
• Body analysis
• Balance and proportion
• Virtual closet
• 4 seasonal shopping
• Closet purge/organization
• 3 Capsule creation
• Travel packing
• Business etiquette
• Communication
• Public speaking
• Digital Presence
• Photoshoot
• Hair and Makeup Tutorial
• Style Tips