Magnetic Magnanimous Man

This program is designed to assist the busy executive, business owner, or professional stay on top of his powerful presence without the care or concern of having to do this alone. Having that charismatic and captivating appearance paves the way for everyone to take notice of the message and presentation without you worrying about looking the part. We want to help build a wardrobe that covers every aspect of your life you want to highlight.

  • Professional
  • Personal
  • Social
  • Romantic Interests

Whatever your goal or transformative life experience is, We have you covered! We will take the worry and overwhelm out of the entire process.

This program includes:

  • Color Analysis helps us determine your best colors that convey confidence, success, influence and refinement and energy
  • Wardrobe audit allows us to relinquish garments that no longer convey the image you desire. They might be too large or small, low quality, fabric deterioration, inappropriate or unflattering color, silhouette inconsistent with body structure.
  • Style Edit will correct components of the wardrobe not apart of the current wardrobe through removing erroneous colors and ill fit and adding missing components and incorporated updated trends to refresh the existing parts and fill in gaps of missing items.
  • Shop your closet is fun an insightful because we will create new looks with what exists in your wardrobe by combining color combinations and coordinating tops, bottoms, third pieces, accessories, shoes not paired before to expand the use of and to get more out of your existing investments, which keeps more money in your pocket for acquisition on fresher garments or investing in other areas of your life.


  • Complementary virtual closet. This is the best thing ever invented in my book! This digital closet allows you to know exactly what garments you have without stepping a foot into your closet except to redeem the outfit. Literally from your desk, bedside or anywhere you can open the app and make a clothing selection immediately.
  • Also, a personal look book of items that we curate together or individually, whatever your needs are, we are flexible here. There is an additional fee that we’d bill for this unless you are Premium Package Holder.
  • Also, you can go there to look for new items to add to your existing wardrobe as an online shopping option, we can find a missing item to complete a look, we can create a look with “all-new” items through the “finds” option, or we can do this for you, for a fee.
  • We can and will create separate categories for all your items so that when you are looking for a specific item, you can look under that category to begin building a look.

Example: Shirts, Trousers, Jeans, Suits, Blazers, Shoes, Sneakers, and so on. It’s so exciting and easy!

I’m Ready Now!