Many of us want more exposure and coverage for our businesses and expansion of our voices. Reaching out to media outlets with a well crafted press release or a succint, perfectly edited, but interesting article, are great avenues to draw attention to the wonderful products and unique services that you offer and to get a reoccurring role as an industry expert.

So, once you get the call and invited for an interview, or the editor agrees to print your story or press submission, how can you navigate this experience so that you get the most out of the opportunity?

We have all heard claims from others that certain sound bites were cut or that a large portion of amass-media-picn interview was edited out of the final submission. Well here is a short list of actions that you can take to gain more control of the potential outcome.

  • To reduce time and ensure clarity on your ideas, write a missive on important points that you want your interviewer to know in advance. Try to make the information so enticing so that editing is minimized.
  • Repeat your points but do so in a way that isn’t exactly like the first mention of them. People listen differently, often for certain buzz words that they find interesting, so to not seem robotic, practice a variety of ways to tell your story.
  • Be sure to ask the interviewer to verify your responses or quotes because in an effort to write efficiently some of the meaning can be lost or misinterpreted.
  • Ask to have your contact information included in the article and supply an exact layout of how you want it displayed, in case readers want to contact you for hire or consultation.
  • Always ask when the article is going to print and where exactly the article will be printed and in which publication.
  • If you think of something that you would like to add later, ask permission to call the reporter or interviewer and offer additional information.

As previously mentioned, these are basic steps to take before, during, and after an interview.  For more information on how to leverage your expertise and to grow your brand through media exposure, send a message to or use the contact form on this website and an advisor will get back with you, very soon.

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