Life will present seemingly insurmountable challenges,  especially when you embark on a path of change – growth, enlightenment, or just something different.

There will be moments where you question what you are doing, your purpose, your mission, your vision, and yourself.  You will come to resent yourself and others, or feel like you just cannot go on and you need to turn back.

Expect to have these moments and more because change hurts.

The process of change is NEVER easy.  It requires you to face uncomfortable beliefs and thoughts, become comfortable with the unfamiliar, and release yourself from anything or anyone that doesn’t support you.

As you embark on the journey, buried hurts and feelings will surface that you must make peace with. Discernment of people who passively or actively block you, will require you to separate yourself.

But will it break you?


Why? Because when you are truly in it, you feel broken, so this makes no sense, right?

Well, when you have faith and belief, no matter how hard it gets, you will never end up broken.  You will be broken during the process, but you will not stay that way.  You will be rebuilt, put back together, into something stronger, wiser, and more capable than when you started. You will break free of the old you, that part of you that will be AND MUST BE broken, so that the new you can emerge.

Think of it like the ship in the bottle. You painstakingly construct this beautiful vessel inside of the protective shell of the bottle. Sure it is great to look at when done, but that’s all you can do with it. So you either put it on the shelf as another trinket or you break the glass ever so carefully so as not to destroy what took so much time and energy to build.

The same is true for you. You can do all of this amazing self-development but unless you are willing to shed the old you, the old way, it’s just some nice thing that you’ve done and nothing more.


Trust the process, have faith, and believe that ALL THINGS WORK TOGETHER FOR YOUR GOOD.

Dr. Gail Lewis is a certified professional coach and has 20+ years of experience in leadership, management, coaching, and mentoring, helping others unlock their personal success zone by connecting to their vision and purpose to action.  Follow her on social media @drgaillewis for more AIM(tm) – affirmation, inspiration, and motivation

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