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Once you have decided what being your authentic self means to you and you have worked on the mind body and spirit that fits that mold, recognize that outer appearance as well as communication habits must match those values, i.e., wanting to gain the respect of investors or potential clients begs the necessity to look as if you want that business. Just as wanting to win over a new love interest must also depict synchronous harmony between ones appearance, behavior, communication and the occasion.

Notwithstanding one’s socio-economic status, not caring about neatness, hygiene, etc., will turn others away even when one has several commas in their pay grade. People “buy into” people and want to see those whom they trust or those presenting integrity, especially during an initial impression and must at least look as they fit that bill. Example, showing up to a baseball game in a full business suit and tie doesn’t lend credibility on a baseball field or in the dugout, just as claiming to be a model but your smile is brown from smoking doesn’t exactly lend credibility, as well as using poor grammar but professing to be a stellar author doesn’t go over well..

It’s not my intention to astound my followers with this next statement, but your image does not simply thrive off of your clothing design, form, or characteristics. Your communication approach, your behavior, listening and you’re thinking process are major factors in this game. If you are a person who looks the part, but the behavior you exemplify is belittling, judgmental, gossipy, or negative or you cut others off mid-sentence without a reasonable purpose, thus you impact your image and your personal brand.


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