Ahhh stress! It’s the not so silent culprit that leads to unthinkable damage to the body when left unchecked. However, what is often ignored is the damage it does to our diets! A diet is not what society has deemed it as (negative). A diet is simply defined, by www.Dictionary.com, as “the foods eaten by a particular person or group.” So when you are stressing out, how stressful is that?  Some of us overeat, gorge on junk, or some of us don’t eat at all!

Here’ my opinion: at this stage of my life, I am more interested in my health than my weight or jean size.  The world we live in would have us believe that being in a perfect size 4, 6, or whatever the flavor of the day is, will bring us peace and harmony in our daily life. I totally disagree.

If we are constantly worrying about perfect proportions, we add to the daily stress of just living.  So how do we combat this emotional roller coaster ride of being stressed out and then stressing out over our diets when we do get stressed?

Our food choices should be about promoting a healthy body all the time.  I know that it is difficult to think about having a salad when your significant other just dumped you or that promotion you wanted was handed to someone with half your experience and none of your swag but at that point, have the stinking donut! What I am talking about is taking the pressure off of yourself and LIVE!

I have a simple philosophy on food and indulgence since having bariatric surgery 13 years ago: practice the 80/20 rule.  Because of the restrictions that I have for eating, every bite I put in my mouth needs to be delicious and worth the space in my stomach.  What does this have to do with stress eating (or not eating)? If I spend my life eating right most days, when I have a moment that I am sucked into my own vortex of emotional need, if I eat a bag of Doritos and a half pint of caramel sundae ice cream, I don’t stress because I allow myself to be “naughty” sometimes then I get right back on my healthy eating routine.

The beauty of this scenario of fall out containment means that I can have a “therapy” session with my BFF and keep my body working for me and not against me.  I will bore you with the science behind this next time.  Until then, stop stressing and live! Stay in peace and not in pieces!

Sheila Seale, MSA HCA can be reached @ kayseaskorner@gmail.com

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